Amend FBT returns for ride sourcing exemption

July 9, 2020

Employers who lodged their 2020 FBT returns, treating ride-sourcing vehicle travel by employees as subject to FBT, will need to amend their returns, following law changes to exempt such travel under the existing taxi travel exemption.

The exemption is for travel provided to employees if it is a single trip to or from the employee’s workplace on or after Wednesday 1 April 2019, and in a licenced taxi or other vehicle involving the transport of passengers for a fare (other than a limousine), such as a ride-sourcing vehicle.

It is also available for a trip that is as the result of sickness of, or injury to, the employee, and whole or part of the journey is directly between:
-the employee’s place of work
-the employee’s place of residence, and
-any other place that it is necessary, or appropriate, for the employee to go as a result of the sickness or injury.