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Commercial Loan

There are many reasons why a business might want or need to take out a commercial loan. It could be to purchase a property for the business (typically referred to as a commercial real estate loan), to cover operational costs when cash flow is down, or to purchase essential equipment that enables the business to run effectively. In this current period of all time lowest official interest rates in Australia, there’s never been a better time to consider a commercial loan. Gavin Ma & Co is a specialist commercial loan provider in Melbourne, helping small to medium enterprises with their business borrowing needs.

Secured and Unsecured Loans Available

Gavin Ma & Co offers secured and unsecured commercial loans depending on need to Melbourne businesses.

Secured loans are typically for larger amounts for longer terms and use some form of fixed asset as security, or collateral, that the lender can recall should the borrower default on the loan. Such fixed assets might include the business itself or any equipment or property that the business owns outright.

An unsecured commercial loan is typically for a shorter term period, usually three months to a year and, as it is unsecured, does not require the borrower to offer collateral. Instead, the loan approval is reliant upon the borrower’s credit rating. Due to the higher level of risk with an unsecured commercial loan, it will typically come with a significantly higher interest rate. Speak to a Gavin Ma & Co commercial loan consultant about which option best suits your needs.

Our commercial loan specialist compare and select the best commercial loan solutions from more than 30 lenders, including the major banks.

We can do for you:

  • High LVR up to 100%
  • Low doc loan up to 85%
  • We even can finance the 10% GST on purchase price
  • Low interest rate from 4.5%

What requirements you need to meet before you lodging your application with us.

  • Security: banks will require security in the form of commercial property purchased at least.
  • Personal and corporate guarantee: a guarantee is required by all company directors for the following:
    1. The company is the borrower,
    2. Directors’ other company’s profit has been used for serviceability purpose.
  • Credit history: clear credit records will bring the interest down and make the application easier as well.
  • ATO liabilities and lodgment: all lodgement must be up to date and ATO portal printout shows nil tax debt.

Discuss Your Needs with Us Today

Whether you’re looking for a long term secured loan to purchase machinery for your business, or you want a short term unsecured revolving loan (such as a line of credit) to generate cash flow, get in touch with Gavin Ma & Co to discuss your commercial loan requirements.

With a local presence, we’re proud to provide our services to businesses in Bentleigh and surrounding suburbs such as Brighton, Moorabbin, McKinnon, Caulfield and Oakleigh. We can also assist clients across greater Melbourne with all their accounting needs.