Accountant Letter

As a CPA practice, we can provide accountant letters to help our clients to meet the application requirements from different organizations.

Our tailored accountant letter can be provided for the following circumstances:

  • Get a loan or mortgage application approved by banks : we can provide accountant letter stating the business entity is profitable or a non-trading entity.
  • Issue sophisticated investor certificate.
  • Issue section 52 form 2.
  • Get your permanent resident visa or other type of visas approved: our accountant letter will provide the relative information for visa application purpose.
  • Help you obtain a new lease or transfer the existing lease: we will prepare a business reference letter and net asset position letter for your lease application.
  • Provide information to Centrelink to help your aged pension or other benefits application.

If you are not our existing clients, we will request information from you to be able provide these letters. Please contact us if you need this service.