Property checklist

We have developed a comprehensive checklist for your investment properties.

Please forward the information/documents to us for the preparation of your tax return if you have investment properties.

Please note this checklist apply to both residential investment and commercial properties.

Rental Property Information Checklist
1. Provide how many weeks the property has been rented.
2. Provide annual rental statement from real estate agent. (if you manage by yourself, please provide summary of income and expenses.)
3. The following expenses may not be included on annual statements –please provide:
·         Advertising expenses
·         Body corporate fees
·         Cleaning fees
·         Council rates
·         Gardening expenses
·         Insurance
·         Interest (please provide loan statements)
·         Loan establishment fees expenses on new or re-financed loans
·         Land tax
·         Bank Fees, including annual package fee
·         Pest control
·         Repairs & Maintenance
·         Electricity expenses
·         Depreciation reports
·         New asset purchases including description, date and cost of each item e.g. carpets, ovens etc.

We will also need the following information if you have bought/sold an investment property

·         Property contract of sale
·         Statement of adjustment
·        Conveyancing/solicitor costs
·        Property agent selling costs
·        Any other relative costs