Investment properties

When you want to invest in residential properties, you  need to consider the following and we recommend you seek professional advice:

  • What type of properties you should invest? House, units, town houses, apartments or land?
  • What loan structure you should set up? P&I payment, interest only payment? offset account?
  • What structure you should use? Company, family trust, unit trust, hybrid trust or individuals etc?
  • How to minimize land tax?
  • How to minimize capital gain tax when you sell the investment properties in the future
  • How the property can be qualified as principle place of residence (PPR)?
  • How to maximize the deduction? Can you claim the interest expenses for the initial deposit?
  • Does negative gearing work for you?

There are so many things to be considered before the settlement. If you make one simple error, the costs to fix this can be huge. It may also impact on your borrowing capacity.

Gavin Ma & Co Accountants are investment property taxation specialist, we will give you a peace of mind by providing the specific advice, setting up the right structure and let you enjoy the full benefit of investment properties.