Trust Taxation Services

Are you looking for the most tax-effective investment and asset protection structure for your business & investments? Look no further than a trust. A trust can be an excellent solution if used correctly, and at Gavin Ma & Co, we specialize in creating tailored trust structures to meet your specific needs.

Benefits of a trust/trust fund

  1. Asset Protection: A trust can protect your assets effectively if the trustee is a company.
  2. Flexibility: A trust provides flexibility in profit distribution.
  3. Estate Planning: A trust can assist you with estate planning.

Our Trust Structures

At Gavin Ma & Co, we specialised in accounting and taxation services for the following trust structures:

  1. Family Trust
  2. Discretionary Trust
  3. Unit Trust
  4. Hybrid Trust
  5. PSI Trust
  6. Medical Trust
  7. Service Trust
  8. Testamentary Trust

Our Services

We provide the following essential tax returns and documents for all trust structures:

  1. Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Financial Performance (e.g., Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement)
  2. Statement of Trust Distribution
  3. All Types of Trust Tax Returns
  4. Minutes of Trustee Decision of Trust Distribution Before Year-End
  5. Trust Asset Register
  6. Change or Variation of Trust Deed, including Change of Trustees, Beneficiaries, or Unit Holders

Why Choose Us?

Everyone in Australia should have some form of trust, and we are here to help you create and manage one. Our team of experts will ensure that your trust structure is tailored to your specific needs and advise you on how to use it in the most efficient and effective way possible.

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At Gavin Ma & Co, we are committed to providing efficient and accurate trust structure and taxation services to businesses in Bentleigh and surrounding suburbs, including Brighton, Moorabbin, McKinnon, Caulfield, and Oakleigh. We also offer our expertise to clients across greater Melbourne and Australia-wide. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with all your accounting needs.