Company Tax Returns

Proprietary limited (Pty Ltd) companies are most common business structure used by small business owners.

What advantages does a company have?

  • limited liability for each shareholder
  • it does not cost too much to set up a company
  • company tax rate is fixed and can be more favorable than personal tax rate
  • company tax paid become franking credits and can be claimed back from ATO in the future
  • there is no trading location restrictions for the company in Australia
  • one company can run multiple businesses
  • the ownership of the company or business can be transferred by transferring shares
  • family members can work for the company
  • company profit can be used for loan application purpose
  • company can provide corporate guarantee for business lending

What tax return services does Gavin Ma & Co provide for a company?

  •  preparation of full set of financial reports, including balance sheet, profit and loss statements, notes to financial statements, depreciation reports, tax reconciliation reports,  director loan reconciliation reports, Division 7A loan agreements
  • preparation and lodgement of company tax returns
  • preparation and lodgement of quarterly or monthly Business Activity Statements (BASs)
  • analyzing the financial information in the company tax return and providing advice on tax planning, cash flow management, business growth strategy and risk management etc.

How does it cost for completing a company tax return?

  • the costs can vary based on the complexity of the tax return
  • the costs can be estimated after discussion the requirements in full with you
  • we can offer you a fixed-price quote for preparing the company tax return

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