SMSF loans

Our complete SMSF loan solution will allow you to borrow to purchase investment properties in your SMSF to accelerate your wealth.

Why should I use Gavin Ma & Co’s SMSF mortgage services? 

  • We are specialized in SMSF lending. We are accredited with all the major SMSF lender and choose the best SMSF loan products to suit your needs.
  • We are also SMSF accountants, administrators and specialists and have all the technical knowledge required to set up your SMSF and borrowing structure and provide all the necessary information and documents to the banks.

What is the minimum balance should I have in my SMSF?

There is  no minimum balance requirement to set up a SMSF. For SMSF loan application purpose, some banks do not have any minimum balance while others require your SMSF at least has $200,000.

How much can I borrow in my SMSF?

Residential properties:  up to 80% of the purchase price.

Commercial properties: up to 75% of the purchase price.

The amounts you can borrow in your SMSF may vary based on your certain circumstances. Normally, banks will consider the following:

  • last two years contribution history
  • rental appraisal for the property to be purchased in your SMSF
  • your SMSF is complying

Can I lend money to my SMSF to purchase an investment property?

Yes, you can! It is called related-party borrowing arrangement and you need SMSF specialist services to set it up properly. Feel free to contact us if you want to do this.

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