SMSF Accounting

SMSF Accounting

A self managed super fund gives you the control over your superannuation that you want, allowing you to choose how you invest your super and enable it to grow for you. Of course, with the autonomy of an SMSF comes the responsibility of ensuring the fund remains compliant with the strict rules and regulations set by the Australian Government body ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission). These rules not only dictate how the fund is established but how it’s operated. Ensuring it remains compliant means staying informed of any legislative changes and implementing them accordingly. With everything else you have going on, why not let an experienced SMSF accountant oversee your fund and ensure it runs without any problems? Make an appointment with Gavin Ma & Co today to discuss establishing or maintaining a self managed super fund.

How Can an SMSF Accountant Help You?

If you’ve never established a self managed super fund before, an accountant that specialises in this type of fund will talk you through the different investment options and strategies available, such as whether you want a high risk / high growth or a low risk / steady growth strategy. Your accountant will outline the benefits and costs of each so you can make as informed a decision as possible.

Once your fund has been established, your SMSF accountant can help you make any changes as required and offer any advice to best help you grow your wealth for retirement. They will ensure the fund remains compliant with ASIC legislation and keep you informed should any essential changes need to be made.

For more information on our SMSF accounting services, contact the specialists at Gavin Ma & Co today.