Why Accountants Should Outsource Their Clients’ SMSFs to Us

June 5, 2018

It’s recently become more common for accounting firms and self-employed accountants to outsource their self managed super fund clients as a way to save time and resources, allowing them to concentrate on other accounting areas and solutions. SMSFs are easy to outsource, and there are a variety of different SMSF specialists that can take on the paperwork and documents involved in running a self managed fund. A reliable and qualified SMSF team can work alongside accountants and auditors to make sure the process is efficient and professional.

The team at Gavin Ma & Co are qualified accounting experts specialising in SMSF outsourcing. Here are some reasons why we believe accountants should be outsourcing their SMSF clients to our dedicated team of professionals.

Why Choose Gavin Ma & Co for SMSF Outsourcing?

  • Accountants can avoid unnecessary and time consuming training of staff on SMSF issues and matters. Our team are already trained and experienced, ensuring an efficient process.
  • Accountants can avoid having to purchase and maintain the expensive software required for SMSFs.
  • Accountants can collaborate with us while we handle the SMSF matters.
  • Clients can feel like they’re getting a completely dedicated service from professionals that are qualified, trained and know exactly what they’re doing.
  • Working alongside Gavin Ma & Co can drastically improve the turnaround time for SMSF administration, documents and auditing.

For more information on how we can help, get in touch with our SMSF outsourcing team today.