Gavin’s Marathon Results

I am Gavin Ma, and I am truly grateful and humbled by the incredible journey I’ve embarked on in the world of marathon running. Over the years, I had the privilege of participating in more than 100 official marathons, each one a unique test of my endurance and determination.

The following records are a testament to the countless hours of training, unwavering support from friends and family, and the camaraderie of fellow runners. I remain deeply appreciative of the opportunity to push my limits and discover the incredible potential of the human spirit in each and every race.

Full Marathons (42.195km):

Count Date Race Time
12422/04/2024The O’Keefe Challenge Marathon4:02:04
12307/04/2024Maroondah Dam Marathon6:07:57
12217/03/2024Brimbank Park Marathon5:14:19
12110/12/2023The Hallora Marathon4:11:43
12026/11/2023Run For The Young Marathon3:59:37
11919/11/2023Sri Chinmoy Tan Team Relays Marathon (Solo)4:20:52
11812/11/2023Marysville Marathon5:35:21
11728/10/2023Halloween Howler Marathon4:45:41
11615/10/2023Melbourne Marathon4:08:45
11517/09/2023Sydney Marathon4:21:59
11427/8/2023Campbell’s Shepparton Running Festival Marathon4:07:11    
11315/7/2023Trails+ You Yangs Trail Running Festival Marathon5:24:02    
1129/7/2023Sri Chinmoy Princes Park Marathon3:59:01    
11128/6/2023Bravehearts 777 #34:07:27    
11017/6/2023Brooks Surf Coast Trail Marathon4:49:50    
1094/6/2023WIN Network Traralgon Marathon4:08:02    
10821/5/2023Trails+ Woodlands Trail Run Marathon4:46:30    
1076/5/2023The O’Keefe Challenge Marathon4:29:47    
10615/4/2023Coburg Harriers Carnival Marathon4:19:42    
10519/3/2023Trails+ Brimbank Park Urban Trail Run Marathon4:46:02    
10426/12/2022Coastal Brave4:38:22    
10311/12/2022The Hallora Marathon4:13:08    
10227/11/2022Run For The Young Marathon4:14:33    
10120/11/2022Sri Chinmoy Tan Team Relays Marathon4:18:05    
1006/11/2022Trails+ Marysville Marathon Festival5:46:08    
9929/10/2022Trails+ Halloween Howler Marathon5:29:25    
982/10/2022Nike Melbourne Marathon Festival Marathon4:10:17    
9712/12/2021Nike Melbourne Marathon Festival Marathon4:16:52    
964/12/2021Trails+ You Yangs Trail Running Festival5:50:51    
9528/11/2021Run For The Young Marathon4:23:18    
941/8/2021Trails+ Tan Ultra Marathon5:13:46    
9311/7/2021Sri Chinmoy Princes Park4:13:07    
924/7/2021Trails+ Princes Park Urban Trail Run Marathon4:23:22    
9126/6/2021Surf Coast Trail Marathon5:40:14    
9023/2/2020Wangaratta Marathon4:20:12    
8912/1/2020Cadbury Marathon4:49:47    
888/12/2019The Hallora Marathon4:23:00    
8724/11/2019Run For The Young Marathon4:36:08    
8610/11/2019Trails+ Marysville Marathon Festival5:49:50    
853/11/2019Four Vines Running Festival Marathon4:08:53    
8426/10/2019Trails+ Halloween Howler4:31:03    
8313/10/2019Medibank Melbourne Marathon Festival Marathon4:52:58    
8215/9/2019Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon4:04:06    
8131/8/2019Trails+ Surf Coast Wonderfalls Trail Run6:15:14    
8025/8/2019Shepparton Running Festival Marathon4:14:33    
7920/7/2019Trails+ You Yangs Trail Running Festival6:14:54    
7814/7/2019Sri Chinmoy Princes Park4:16:37    
773/7/2019Bravehearts 7773:58:08    
7630/6/2019Trails+ Tan Ultra Marathon4:54:52    
7529/6/2019Surf Coast Trail Marathon5:19:03    
742/6/2019WIN Network Traralgon Marathon3:46:48    
7326/5/2019SARRC Adelaide Marathon Marathon3:50:53    
7212/5/2019Trails+ Princes Park Urban Trail Run Marathon4:09:54    
715/5/2019Sri Chinmoy Royal National Park4:11:43    
7028/4/2019Mandalay Resources The O’Keefe Challenge Marathon4:21:31    
6914/4/2019The Canberra Times Canberra Marathon3:57:14    
6831/3/2019The Athletes Foot Murray Marathon Running Festival3:49:01    
6724/3/2019Trails+ Brimbank Park Urban Trail Run4:20:26    
6624/2/2019Wangaratta Marathon4:14:08    
6513/1/2019Cadbury Marathon4:15:23    
6431/12/2018Trails+ New Years Eve Rock Around The Clock6:23:19    
639/12/2018The Hallora Marathon4:26:14    
6225/11/2018Run For The Young Marathon4:18:50    
6111/11/2018Trails+ Marysville Marathon Festival5:31:05    
604/11/2018Shepparton Travel & Cruise Four Vines Running Festival Marathon4:24:42    
5927/10/2018Trails+ Halloween Howler4:32:18    
5814/10/2018Medibank Melbourne Marathon Festival Marathon4:16:16    
576/10/2018Operation Flinders Challenge Marathon7:11:48    
5616/9/2018Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon3:54:52    
551/9/2018Trails+ Surf Coast Wonderfalls Trail Marathon6:02:59    
5426/8/2018Shepparton Running Festival Marathon4:10:07    
5319/8/2018Jacob’s Creek Barossa Marathon3:53:04    
525/8/2018McDonald’s Brisbane Marathon3:57:36    
5122/7/2018Sri Chinmoy Princes Park3:55:19    
5030/6/2018Surf Coast Trail Marathon4:54:31    
4928/6/2018Bravehearts 7773:48:10    
4824/6/2018Trails+ Tan Ultra Marathon4:13:12    
473/6/2018Traralgon Marathon3:42:21    
4627/5/2018Brooks Adelaide Marathon Marathon3:47:51    
4520/5/2018Trails+ Princes Park Urban Trail Run Marathon3:57:13    
4429/4/2018Trails+ Maroondah Dam Trail Run5:43:34    
4322/4/2018Mandalay Resources The O’Keefe Rail Trail Marathon4:27:10    
4225/3/2018Trails+ Brimbank Park Urban Trail Run4:41:05    
413/3/2018Running Wild Mt Baw Baw Trail Fest7:04:30    
4025/2/2018Wangaratta Marathon3:57:47    
3914/1/2018Cadbury Marathon3:44:20    
3817/12/2017Port Loop Coastal4:23:17    
3716/12/2017Port Loop Coastal4:08:45    
3626/11/2017Run For The Young Marathon3:57:50    
3512/11/2017Trails+ Marysville Marathon Festival5:28:36    
3428/10/2017Trails+ Halloween Howler3:44:35    
3322/10/2017Coastal 7-in-7 Days #73:47:03    
3221/10/2017Coastal 7-in-7 Days #63:39:56    
3115/10/2017Medibank Melbourne Marathon Festival Marathon3:33:23    
3030/9/2017Trails+ Surf Coast Hell Run4:45:38    
2917/9/2017Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon3:38:13    
2827/8/2017Trails+ Tan Ultra Marathon3:55:15    
2720/8/2017Athletes Foot Adelaide Marathon Marathon3:41:14    
266/8/2017Intraining Brisbane Marathon3:43:20    
2523/7/2017Sri Chinmoy Princes Park3:48:49    
2424/6/2017Surf Coast Trail Marathon4:38:07    
234/6/2017Traralgon Marathon3:39:40    
2230/4/2017Trails+ Maroondah Dam Trail Run5:45:18    
2123/4/2017The O’Keefe Rail Trail Marathon3:59:57    
202/4/2017Trails+ Princes Park Urban Trail Run Marathon4:18:47    
1926/2/2017Wangaratta Marathon4:01:11    
1828/1/2017Trails+ Australia Day Midnight Rambler #15:14:58    
1715/1/2017Cadbury Marathon4:11:14    
1631/12/2016Trails+ New Years Eve Rock Around The Clock6:05:06    
1527/11/2016Run For The Young Marathon4:06:05    
146/11/2016RACV Marysville Marathon Festival5:32:08    
1316/10/2016Medibank Melbourne Marathon Festival Marathon4:39:13    
1218/9/2016Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon4:00:20    
1114/8/2016Athletes Foot Adelaide Marathon Marathon4:41:47    
1017/7/2016Sri Chinmoy Princes Park4:16:41    
925/6/2016Surf Coast Trail Marathon4:26:48    
85/6/2016Traralgon Marathon3:42:06    
71/5/2016The O’Keefe Rail Trail Marathon3:54:09    
610/4/2016The Canberra Times Canberra Marathon3:43:44    
528/2/2016Wangaratta Marathon3:44:27    
428/11/2015Run For The Young Marathon3:55:09    
318/10/2015Medibank Melbourne Marathon Festival Marathon3:42:52    
223/8/2015Athletes Foot Adelaide Marathon Marathon3:59:00    
15/7/2015Gold Coast Airport Marathon3:51:42  

Ultra Marathons (more than 42.195km)

714/04/2024Frankston to Portsea (55km)6:26:44
614/01/2024Two Bays Trail Run (56km)7:27:37
52/4/2023Frankston to Portsea (55km)5:54:59    
47/3/2020Warburton Trail Festival Lumberjack Ultra (50km)6:53:18    
39/3/2019Warburton Trail Festival Lumberjack Ultra (50km)6:27:00    
214/5/2016Great Ocean Road Running Festival Marathon (44km)4:09:30    
116/5/2015Great Ocean Road Running Festival Marathon (44km)4:09:29