ATO announces no penalties or lodgment program impacts for late lodgments up to 30 June 2020

May 28, 2020

In an email to tax professionals on 25 May, ATO Deputy Commissioner Hoa Wood recognised the efforts of tax agents to complete lodgments as quickly as possible and that under the current circumstances additional time may be needed.

While further changes to lodgment and payment due dates will not change, Ms Wood assured tax agents that “no late lodgment penalty will be imposed if the return is lodged by 30 June 2020” and that you “will not lose access to your lodgment program, and it will not negatively impact your future dealings with [the ATO]”.

While the general interest charge will still be applicable, tax agents can apply for remissions and the ATO will take a reasonable approach in assessing requests. Further assistance is available through ATO-assessed payment deferrals.