Changes to delivery of PAYG and GST quarterly instalment notices

February 4, 2021
The ATO no longer issues paper instalment notices for PAYG and GST quarterly instalments once an activity statement or instalment notice is lodged, revised or varied electronically through:
  • Online services for agents (OSfA)
  • Practitioner lodgment service (PLS)
  • Standard Business Reporting enabled software
  • Business Portal or
  • when a client links their myGov account to the ATO.
You can now access these instalment notices online three to four days after the activity statement generate date, by downloading within your PLS software, or in OSfA via the Client summary For action screen or Lodgments menu.

Be aware that a single, one-off electronic variation or revision will result in an end to paper activity statements and instalment notices. This includes if you vary a PAYG instalment amount or rate online. You will need to consider this when deciding how to lodge, revise and vary future activity statements and instalment amounts.