Director ID data standards to be set by the Registrar: legislative instrument

April 22, 2021
The Corporations Director Identification Number Data Standard 2021, registered on 16 April 2021, the ATO as the Registrar, the power to make data standards on matters relating to the performance of the Registrar’s functions and the exercise of the its powers in relation to Director IDs.

This data standard provides for the following:

  • what information may be requested and collected
  • how such information may be collected
  • how an application is to be made
  • when information is to be given to the Registrar
  • how the Registrar uses information to authenticate, verify or validate information
  • how information held by the Registrar is to be recorded and stored
  • correction of information held by the Registrar and
  • manner and form of communication between the Registrar and interested persons.
Date of effect: The day on which Pt 9.1A of the Corporations Act commences.