Six Park

About Six Park
Six Park gives you world-class investment management without the high costs. Our vision is to
provide a path to financial wellbeing for every Australian, and we do this through wealth
management solutions founded on simplicity, accessibility and transparency.
Our Investment Advisory Committee includes some of Australia’s most respected financial minds,
while our secure technology simplifies the investment process and reduces costs.
That means you keep more of your returns while we do the hard work.

Gavin Ma & Co and Six Park
Gavin Ma has partnered with Six Park because we share Six Park’s believe that everyone should
have access to professional investment management. Six Park works with Gavin Ma & Co to provide
automated investment management services for clients looking for a cost-effective way to build
their wealth over time. Six Park’s investment philosophy emphasises:
• The importance of diversification
• Thoughtful asset allocation
• Moving beyond “set and forget”
• Avoiding emotion-driven investment decisions
• Keeping costs low
Your money will be invested in a globally diversified portfolio that matches your risk profile and
contains up to seven asset classes, including Australian equities, hedged and unhedged
international equities, emerging markets, global property, global infrastructure, bonds/fixed
income and cash yield. Each asset class is represented by a carefully selected exchange-traded fund
Six Park prides itself on providing exceptional service at an affordable price. Our clients and
partners choose Six Park for many reasons, including:
• World-class guidance: Our team has more than 100+ years of collective investment and
asset management experience with some of the world’s leading financial institutions,
delivering years of proven performance.
• Real people, not robots: While our service is web-based, we’re definitely not robots. You’ll
be supported by a team of experts that continuously review financial markets and work to
deliver the best outcomes for our clients.
• Trustworthy and transparent: Six Park does not receive compensation from banks or other
entities to promote or distribute specific products. Six Park is completely transparent in its
approach to reporting and fees.

• Direct ownership: Your portfolio of assets is held in your own name, so you can exit at any
• Low cost: Six Park’s sophisticated online platform allows services to be delivered at very
low cost. This ensures you retain as much of your well-earned investment returns as
• Optimised portfolios: Your portfolio will be thoughtfully invested across a globally
diversified, low-cost mix of asset classes, tailored for your risk profile and investment
horizon. The approach is founded on well-established financial principles backed by years of
economic research.
• Ongoing portfolio management: Six Park provides periodic account reviews and rebalancing
to keep you on track with your investment strategy.
• 24/7 access: Information on your portfolio is available instantly – anytime and anywhere,
from your computer, tablet or phone.
You will receive an investment strategy based on your personal situation and we will then set up
and trade your investment portfolio. Subsequently your portfolio will be rebalanced and monitored
over time, giving you tax reporting and 24/7 account access.