Work from home checklist

March 27, 2020

If you ask your employees to work from home, you may need to ask the following questions first:

– do you have internet/wifi at home (NBN or ADSL) except for your mobile phone personal hotspot?

– do you have a computer/laptop that can be used for work at home? If so, is it a laptop or desktop and what model and which year is manufactured?

– do your computer/laptop have proper antivirus software?

– do you have a printer at home?

– do you have a study desk/table at home?

– do you have a work chair?

– do you have a separate working area at home except for your bedroom or lounge?

– is there any noises (such as family members/roommates talking/chatting, TV/Music noises) in your working area?

– is your working area suitable to receive clients phone calls?

– is there any adequate ventilation and room temperature control?

– do you have a first aid kit at home?

– is there any adequate lighting in the working area?

– is the floor in the working area free of hazards, such as cables, mats, rugs?

– do you know how to minimise the potential for interruption of work?

Once you have obtained the above information, you can make a proper decision on who can work from home or how you can help them work from home.